General info
Charlotte, NC
A chameleonic copywriter who can deliver a creative voice in a pinch.
Charleston, SC
Jan 1996 - Aug 1999
English Teacher
All I ever wanted to be was an English teacher. In truth, I was pretty good at it. I initially worked for a year and a half in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System at Independence High School before moving down to Charleston, SC to work in Burke High School for two more years. Ultimately I was a dead-on statistic for new teachers: three to four years of service, and then I fled. No one goes into teaching thinking they are going to make a lot of money. But what they don't tell you is that you're not going to make a lot of money AND you're going to work so hard you have no personal life whatsoever. When it comes to teaching, I don't really think I need to go into the details. I left, disillusioned.
Charlotte, NC
Aug 1999 - Oct 2000
This was an interim job, one I had while I figured out what I wanted to do after leaving the teaching profession. I worked in logistics, completing tasks such as being the world's best courier to tracking the equipment doled out to the 50 local offices under our regional office's umbrella. This experience allowed me to understand, fully, why many of those clerks in Russian novels slowly went insane. I left, disillusioned.
Charlotte, NC
Oct 2000 - Apr 2010
Financial Relationship Consultant
A friend "rescued" me from my Census Bureau post by recommending me for a job in the banking industry. I blinked my eyes and almost a decade passed. The bulk of my time in banking was spent as a Financial Relationship Consultant (I know, that title really doesn't make any sense.) In short, I made investment recommendations within retirement plans. Though it was a job that allowed me to work with special colleagues and assist clients with crucial financial goals—all while having an immense amount of financial security—I didn't believe in what I was selling, and, more importantly, I knew it was an ill fit for me. I left, disillusioned. But this time I had a plan.
Charlotte, NC
Apr 2010 - Present
Freelance Copywriter
Now I have reinvented myself as a freelance copywriter and I have never been happier. I have worked with a variety of local (and phenomenal) creative teams such as LEAP Design, HAWSE Design, Rachel Martin Design, Work By Kevin and Ken Magas Design, all while managing a handful of individual clients as well. I pride myself on delivering the information you need in the voice you desire and not just meeting—but beating—your deadlines. (I also pride myself on dealing a death blow to disillusionment.)
Boone, NC
Aug 1991 - Dec 1995
B.S. in English, Secondary Education